Why Choose Me?

So, why should you choose me to design your webpage? After all, you might be able to toss one together yourself. But, will it look and, more importantly, be professional? As with anything, there are plenty of little-known factors and information that only come with time and experience. The same goes for web design. If you're going to jump into the online arena, you should make sure you're well-prepared.
The following information is a step by step guide to how I will go about designing a successful website custom-made just for you!
The process begins with a meeting where we discuss your vision of the website. Based on your ideas and purpose for the site, I will work up a page design. Your photos and ideas for color schemes, while not entirely necessary, will assist in designing a page that satisfies your tastes.
Once the design has been approved, I will begin building pages filled with your pictures and page copy. Based on years of experience, I will work with you to revise your copy so that your text is optimized for search engines. The combination of maximizing your keywords and strategically placing them throughout your site is an important factor in developing your website traffic.
When the site is completed, I will work with you to select a domain name and to find the best hosting plan for your needs. Selecting the appropriate plan ensures that you are not overpaying for webspace each month.
Once, the site is hosted, it is officially up and running. But, there are other things that can be added to benefit your online presence. These include but are not limited to: inclusion of website statistics, establishing e-mail addresses, set up of a sitemap that will benefit your search inclusion, submission to search engines, and advice on establishing links with proper link text.