Has your business established its internet presence yet? If it hasn't, allow me to present a wonderful opportunity for your business to open its doors to the entire world!
All around the world, people are looking to buy what you have to sell every day. They've tossed aside their local phone books in favor of search engines that encompass our entire planet. Isn't it time that you tapped into this worldwide network?
I can build you a great-looking website today that will display your products/services to every web-connected computer in the world. Build consumer confidence by publishing your company history and mission. Save time on the phone by allowing your customers to find directions right to your door. Allow them to view your business hours and even send you e-mails via the website. The opportunities are enormous and the cost is low!
In fact, if you compare this form of advertising with print, radio, and/or television you'll discover the others don't even compare. Your website is running all the time, and the hosting fees can run lower than $9 per month.